Wednesday, June 25, 2008

you feel worse than before

i want to eat chuck berry's heart
everything on tv makes me feel better
what a beautiful world
i said that with my voice as a ukulele
on the real world i learned about myself
and i told myself that i needed to improve
my friends all want me to be something different
what a beautiful world
i feel like i'm in high school
i want to put tori amos into my pocket
and throw her against a wall

dear universe,

i laugh when people on reality shows have relatives that die

the universe

i laughed
tori amos likes puppies
morgan freeman's voice is money
i am rich and worthless
but chuck berry is in my heart

i forgot to press caps lock


i feel more brilliant than a frog blossoming
out of a water flower and into a pond
safe and distant and safe and safe and safe
and distant

1 comment:

ryan manning said...

caps lock is for the birds